Start live streaming 360 videos with 360Fly

360flySince the advent of 360-degree video in YouTube, followed by the launch of a bunch of VR headsets, a number of 360 cameras have released, letting users create that immersive content. But the last Consumer Electronics Forum (CES) brought us the start of something new; 360-degree livestreaming.

The 360Fly was launched at CES, a 360-degree camera recording videos in 2880×2880 4K at 30 fps. As if that wasn’t enough, now 360Fly has teamed up with startup Livit to offer livestreaming for 360-video. All you need is Livit’s Android or iOS app and a data link that can handle the quality. In addition, 360Fly makes special rider’s helmets, in partnership with Bell, that have the 360 camera sunk into the top of the helmet, providing steadier shots even with wind resistance. Put that all together and an adrenaline junkie with the cash for it can output some stellar live entertainment.

And money is the keyword here; the 360Fly will set you back US $399 (US $499 for the 4K model, available in April) but this could well be the start of a new YouTube trend.

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